Saturday, February 02, 2013

Sunny Side Up, With A Twist

A couple of days ago, I told you all about the wonderful veggies I picked up at the HOPCOMS stall at the recent Lalbagh flower show. My veggie shopping always involves bell peppers. Especially when they come in different colours.

Since we've shifted to Bangalore, what I enjoy most is that there are so many more vegetables to choose, and est, from. I've never really tried cooking with knoll-kohl, or dill, or  varieties of bell peppers, or a zucchini for that matter. It is only here that I see some of these veggies being sold everywhere, and that propels me to try cooking them in as many ways as I can! Needless to say, it leads to some bloopers, and many wonderful memories both in the kitchen and the seemingly endless meal times in a south Indian kitchen.
Also, a lot of times, everyone craves versatility and this serves the purpose. Although I end up with a bowl of cereal for breakfast, eggs make a certain someone very happy and I don't mind at all!

Today's recipe is an inspiration from this image I stumbled upon a few days ago. For those of you looking for great recipe ideas, unexplored food blogs and DIY inspiration, StumbleUpon is like a door in the cabinet leading to Narnia. There are so many things I made just because the pictures looked pretty- and I found most of my inspiration here. Today's recipe is one such thing. Without further ado, let's take a look at the ingredients.

Bell Peppers    - 3 medium, one each in red, yellow and green
Eggs                - 3 regular sized ones
Basil                - A few leaves chopped into tiny bits
Tomato            - 1, Sliced into thin wheels
Chilli Powder   - To taste
Garam Masala
Butter              - A small dollop

Cut the bell peppers across into 3/4 inch slices. Remove all the seeds and the central portion. Heat a non stick pan and keep the flame at low throughout.

Drop a dollop of butter onto the skillet and let it sizzle.

Place the cut bell pepper slices on the pan. Let them cook for about two minutes. Place one tomato each inside the bell pepper slices.

Carefully break the egg and drop its contents into the capsicum pieces. Make sure you hold the egg really close to the pan so that they contents don't go haywire on the pan. It's alright if some of the whites spill over.

You can always remove them later. Sprinkle some salt, chilli powder and garam masala all over the eggs. Cover with a heavy plate and cook on medium flam for five minutes.

Then, take the plate off and arrange the basil on the cooking eggs. cover with the lid and cook again. When you move the capsicum around, its contents shouldn't wobble. That is your clue that the yolks are cooked thoroughly. If you prefer partly cooked eggs, take them off when the whites are cooked and the yellows are still wobbly.

Transfer them onto a plate and serve with some tomato ketchup. Best eaten when they're still hot.

Pictured during an earlier attempt.

See? This breakfast needs very few ingredients and can really be cooked in minutes. Needless to see, the eggs and veggies make for a very healthy breakfast. If you're averse to the smell of eggs, don't skip the basil by all means. It adds a great flavour to the dish and completely masks the eggs' strong smell.

Try it and let me know if your people liked it, or loved it. :P

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