Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine's Day Treats And A Labour Of Love

So, like everyone else, we celebrated Valentine's day this past Thursday. Of course, it is a great day to tell the people you love that you love them. And pretty much every restaurant here had a special Valentine's day dinner menu, and prices to match. And it struck me (very late) that we were already celebrating our third Valentine's day!

With all monetary reserves for the month exhausted on my end, I decided to stick to rustic homemadeism. And what a lofty endeavour did I set out on! A black forest cake it was to be, and an eggless one at that. Now it is in such instances that one should listen to people with much more experience that oneself. I did just that, and used an Eggless Black Forest Cake recipe from Divya's space. If I had to say something about her blog in one word, I can tell you that it has satiated a huge number of my late night cravings. So I wasn't really going to look elsewhere for a recipe.

You can find the recipe here. I'm not re-posting it here as she has everything you need to know listed out there. I did make a small change though. I bought a can of tinned cherries, pitted them and boiled them in the syrup they came in. If you want to do the same, use one can of cherries with only half the amount of liquid in them. Boil the whole thing on a low flame in a heavy bottomed pan till the liquid is almost gone. You can cool this stuff and use it for the cherry filling.

That chocolate artwork is something worth dedicating an entire post to, so that is what I shall do. The cake turned out really most and very tasty. Using real cherries was a good idea too.

On the same day, a cousin and I decided to bake another cake for her to take home. We used a basic chocolate cake (eggless) although you can use any chocolate cake recipe.

We cut it into two layers and soaked it in some syrup to keep it moist. The sugar dusting was a good idea too, as the cake was a bit not sweet enough before the dusting.

So that is what we did. Mind you, baking a black forest is laborious to say the least. Attempt it only when you really feel like it.

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