Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lalbagh Flower Show, January 2013

In this post, I don't have much to say. Instead, let me show you something.

The biannual flower show held at Lalbagh Gardens during the Independence Day and Republic Day weeks is a sight to see, with exotic flowers and never before seen varieties of plants, all in full bloom. It is also during these shows that you can purchase a variety of herbs and orchids from stalls while they are at their healthiest best.

Take a look at these pictures and you'll come to believe yet again that nature is indeed the most beautiful woman that ever existed.

Each one of those beautiful roses was in full bloom..

My utter favourites- these flowers look so happy all the time!

One of the most striking contrasts in nature- red and yellow

I just can't get enough of these :)

For once, my camera cooperated and helped me get fairly good clarity pictures ;)

One of my favourites that day..

I think this orchid is called fairy's slipper...with shoes like that, why wouldn't anyone want to be a fairy?

Like the Sun had sent his youngest child to come play with us..

Like stars far away had chosen to come down to the Earth..

And all the world's colours had conspired to play paintball with this one flower..

And that morning's dew was biased towards these plants..

I wish we could recreate God's colours..

An Eiffel Tower model made entirely out of flowers- this one was the prime attraction.

And this was another attraction- a barbie doll with a floral dress

The stalls put up for the occasion deserve a special mention. People were selling everything right from orchids to pots to seeds to herbs you normally wouldn't find in Lalbagh. I, obviously, had to get something! I got some really fresh (I mean spotlessly healthy fresh) veggies from the HOPCOMS stall, a couple of pots aaaannnd....
Some basil
and some lavender

The plants are holding up quite well so far. They're growing at a steady pace and will live. The lavender is still too young for culinary purposes, but the basil has been put to good use. I can, however, vouch for lavender's sunburn healing properties- it works like magic!
Here are a couple of pictures that I clicked in my garden back home. That baby chameleon wasn't too happy about being spotted, as is obvious from the expression it gave me! 

The next flower show at Lalbagh will be in August 2013. I hear it is going to be even better this time around. Try not to miss it. I know I wont! Maybe some oregano and sage will find their way home next.

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