Monday, October 29, 2012

The Pilot Post

Last evening, I had a revelation.

I am a clueless twenty two year old and I have made some very trivial life changing decisions- two of them, actually. One, I am going to make Indian versions of Sushi, Risotto, Lasagna, Cheesecake and pretty much everything else we collectively crave for. Two, I am not going to spend another day slumped on the bean bag not knowing what to do and being too lazy to get up.

Instead, I am going to spend the days making something new and preaching to all of you. Because that is what I am good at- making aloo paranthas and obvious observations that somehow seem to skip our notice all the time.

It has been half a year since I graduated, from a good college. But here I am, without a job, without a plan and certainly without any idea of what I want to be. The problem is that I have a little too many interests. A bigger problem is that none of them last. Today, right now, I want to paint an entire wall. Yesterday I wanted to make pizza from scratch. Tomorrow, I'll probably want to go mountaineering. Or not. See? I don't know what I like.

So I'm starting this blog as an endeavour, a quest almost, to try and find out how long this one is going to last.

I know that 'Who am I?' is a question so many people struggle with, a question that I struggle with. It should be the most obvious thing in the world, but it isn't! And last evening, when I sat (you know where now) brooding, I knew I could help the situation. I had to get up (literally) and start doing all the things I think I like- if only to rule out the things I don't.

 And maybe in this process, you could help me. Maybe I could help you. Maybe the philosopher in me can indeed change something. Maybe I can change me. Change us. For good.

In the meantime, lets never forget to have fun. That is decision number two. I want to make exotic recipes 'makeable' in the Indian kitchen. With ingredients we have handy, or at least our supermarket does. I have a feeling some recipes wont work. But I'll still try.

So lets get off our collective bean bags (and chairs and beds and workstations) and try and make a little difference to our lives, and a lot of difference to each others'. Contributions, suggestions, fun ideas and your own philosophies will always be welcome here. 

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